Social Responsibility

Love This Life®️ Social Responsibility

At Love This Life®️ we are committed to our mission of spreading the power of optimism.  As we grow and expand our reach, we are committed to promoting responsible human and ethical work conditions both internally and externally.

Love This Life®️ partners with suppliers who train and develop their employees, and who work with the governments and communities in which they operate to improve the social and environmental well-being of those communities.

Our Code of Conduct sets forth the standards for a fair and safe work environment, including respect for human rights, worker safety, environmental impact, and ethical business practices. We require all manufacturers of our products to comply with these standards.

We believe that all workers should enjoy certain basic conditions of employment. Love This Life®️ respects and promotes the rule of law including U.S. federal, state and local laws, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization conventions which establish international human and labor rights.

We closely monitor every factory with which we do business to identify any violation of our Code of Conduct. We utilize independent auditors who regularly visit our manufacturing partners. In instances of non-compliance, we work collaboratively with our factories to achieve continuous improvement, resolve issues, educate management and staff, and implement positive, sustainable change.

Beyond implementing our own Code of Conduct, Love This Life®️  collaborates with other brands and with industry experts to verify and ensure best practices.